Eric Embacher

Migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Before It’s Too Late: Everything You Need to Know!

Out-dated operating systems such as the beloved Windows 7, may still be functional but leave your company vulnerable. It is inherently risky to continue running Windows 7 and much safer to migrate to Windows 10 before it is too late.

Patch Impact Assessment October 2019

This October Patch Tuesday is an important but troubled patch release from Microsoft. With a browser out-of-band critical update that has been widely reported as causing a number of deployment issues.

Patch Impact Assessment September 2019

This September update cycle brings two zero-days and three publicly reported vulnerabilities in the Windows platform. Both browser and Windows updates require immediate attention and your development team will need to spend some time with the latest patches to .NET and .NET Core.

Patch Impact Assessment August 2019

This is a huge month for Patch Tuesday as Microsoft attempts to address 78 unique vulnerabilities spanning Windows desktop and server platforms, Microsoft Office and core development tools.

Product Comparison: Readiness vs. Citrix AppDNA

We’re often asked how Readiness compares to AppDNA…the truth is they couldn’t be more different. We thought we’d create this simple infographic that summarizes the top 4 aspects that differentiate the two products.

Patch Impact Assessment July 2019

This is a big Patch Tuesday for some Windows users. Older systems such as Windows 7 and Server 2008 need both urgent and important updates to resolve publicly disclosed and exploited vulnerabilities.

Patch Impact Assessment June 2019

This month we’re reporting 88 vulnerabilities addressed and four made public. We have “Patch Now” recommendations for both browsers, Windows and Adobe.

Watch our Windows 10 Summit Virtual Event Session

Watch the the full video presentation of Readiness’ segment from yesterday’s Windows 10 Summit virtual event. An awesome event organized by our friends at Ivanti. So much cutting-edge, useful information for It folks and no need to travel!

Patch Impact Assessment May 2019

With 79 reported CVE vulnerability entries and two advisories from Microsoft, this is a big update for Windows this month. With this May Patch Tuesday update cycle, we are seeing reported issues in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), DHCP and the core graphics GDI component. The RDS vulnerability (CVE-2019-0863) should be a considered a zero-day security issue as it has been publicly disclosed and reported as exploited in the wild.

Save the date: Windows 10 Summit virtual event, May 30 2019

Gain valuable insights from the Windows 10 Summit is a free virtual event. We’ll be presenting “Patching at full throttle: maintaining security, compliance, and compatibility while patching faster than ever before”