Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert is a product evangelist for Application Readiness Inc. Greg is a co-founder of ChangeBASE, and now the Chairman of Application Readiness, and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.

A Troubled Update to Critical Browser Patches for October Patch Tuesday

This October Patch Tuesday is an important but troubled patch release from Microsoft with a critical, out-of-band browser update that has been widely reported as causing a number of deployment issues.

Patch Impact Assessment (Threatscape Report) September 2019

Here’s our 2019 Patch Impact assessment report reformatted with our new “Threatscape” report, showing a more complete assessment of the risk of not installing September’s Patch Tuesday updates in an easily-digestible, at-a-glance report.

Complex September Update Brings Large Windows, Browser and Development Tool Patches

Greg Lambert’s Patch Tuesday post for September is here. This September update cycle brings two zero-days and three publicly reported vulnerabilities in the Windows platform.

Critical Updates for Microsoft Patch Tuesday May Cause Testing Headaches

This is a huge month for Patch Tuesday as Microsoft attempts to address 78 unique vulnerabilities spanning Windows desktop and server platforms, Microsoft Office and core development tools.

A Challenging Patch Tuesday for Legacy Windows Platforms

This is a big Patch Tuesday for some Windows users. Older systems such as Windows 7 and Server 2008 need both urgent and important updates to resolve publicly disclosed and exploited vulnerabilities. If you are running later versions of Windows 10, the situation is much improved, with recommendations for scheduled updates and comprehensive testing before deployment.

Big, complex Patch Tuesday for Windows, critical updates for Adobe and Edge

This month, Microsoft delivers a big, complex series of updates to Windows, Azure and Edge. With 88 vulnerabilities addressed and four made public, we see “Patch Now” recommendations for both browsers, Windows and Adobe.

Critical updates to IE and Windows make for an urgent May Patch Tuesday

With 79 reported CVE vulnerability entries and two advisories from Microsoft, this is a big update for Windows this month. With this May Patch Tuesday update cycle, we are seeing reported issues in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), DHCP and the core graphics GDI Windows component.

April brings massive updates to Windows and critical updates to both browsers and Adobe Flash

The old adage about April being the cruelest month looks to be true with this hefty and significant update to all of Microsoft’s platforms.

Urgent Updates for Windows and IE for March Patch Tuesday

This is a big month for Microsoft updates. With 64 reported vulnerabilities addressed in this month’s Patch Tuesday release, the focus is on the two zero-days for Microsoft Windows. Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms are affected, leading to a “Patch Now” recommendation for both Windows and browser updates.

A Large February Patch Tuesday is Warming Up For a Big Year for Microsoft

75 vulnerabilities addressed, critical updates for IE and Windows and a large number of patches to Microsoft’s development platform make this a substantial Patch Tuesday.