Get your applications ready for Cyber Essentials certification.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that will help you protect  against a range of common cyber attacks. It sets out five controls to strengthen your cyber defences. 

Certification is done by self-assessment but is independently verified and validated. Cyber Essentials certification includes automatic cyber liability insurance for any UK organisation who certifies their whole organisation and have less than £20m annual turnover (terms apply).

The IASME consortium helps organisations get certified.

The Five Technical Controls of Cyber Essentials

Use a firewall to secure your internet connection

Choose the most secure settings for your devices and software

Control who has access to your data and services

Protect yourself from viruses and other malware

Keep your devices and software up to date

Updates for Windows 10 and other software applications are released every month. Each should be installed within 14 days of release.

How can you be assured that with every update, your entire application portfolio will continue to function without problems?

While the first three are fairly straightforward, the last two present significant challenges to any enterprise.

This is where Readiness can help.

How Does Readiness Help?

Windows 10 application compatibility and App-V assessment

Readiness Assurance is cloud-based, dynamic, on-demand software that automatically assesses your applications for compatibility and security. It provides a simple drag-and-drop approach to knowing that every update is free from viruses and malware, and will be continue to be compatible with the Windows operating system.

How Does it Work?

  1. Simply upload your applications to our secure cloud-based repository.
  2. View your assessment on an easy-to-digest dashboard showing your risk profile across 4 core dimensions: compatibility, suitability, quality and SECURITY.

Assurance provides detailed assessment, automatic fixing of issues, scanning for viruses and malware, and more for a low monthly per-application cost.

No upfront investment, no hardware or database infrastructure requirements, no need to consultants or specialists.