Save the date: Windows 10 Summit virtual event, May 30 2019

Readiness has been invited to participate in the Windows 10 Summit, a free virtual event that will be held on May 30 starting at 8am PST. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from professionals from leading companies in their respective fields, Microsoft Insiders, and IT professionals as they compare their experiences in the wonderful world of Windows while offering solutions and ideas to migrate painlessly.

It has never been more important to keep up-to-date with patching. Nor have the challenges with doing so at the speed required to mitigate security risks, and maintain compliance with corporate standards. Our 60-minute segment is titled “Patching at full throttle: maintaining security, compliance, and compatibility while patching faster than ever before” In it, we’ll  discuss these challenges, and some of the new generation of tools available to IT managers for assessing, remediating and converting their application portfolio at a rate necessary to achieve continual application readiness. We’ll demonstrate how to know not just what must be patched, but will happen if you do. You’ll learn how to drive farther, faster.

About the Windows 10 Summit

Windows 10 brought on a whole new generation of OS migrations. It is no longer three to five years between major OS migrations. Microsoft’s faster release cadence pressures IT to run multiple Windows versions in parallel and be in a continuous state of migration.

With the EOL of Windows 7 quickly approaching, you need a strategy to make permanent improvements to your Windows management approach.

This is a pitch-free live event, hosted entirely online. No traveling, no convincing your boss to free up conference budget, no nametag required. Just 100% valuable Windows 10 insights from true experts in the field.

It’s recommended that you reserve your spot now and join our mailing list to get the latest information on keynotes, sessions and more as the date draws near.

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