Better visibility = NO SURPRISES.

Server environments present a mountain of challenges to your applications.

Readiness gives you visibility of which applications are suitable for your server, and the tools to keep them compatible, secure and compliant.

Assess the readiness of your application portfolio against any Windows Server release in minutes, not months.

Automatically remediate and convert. Achieve continual compatibility, suitability, security and quality standards.

Do it all on-demand, with no infrastructure and no outside specialists required.

Windows Server compatibility assessment and conversion, done in the cloud.

This changes everything.

  • Entirely cloud-based (Microsoft Azure); requires no hardware or software, no database, no specialised skillset—just a browser.
  • Use your own custom-designed build and server configurations.
  • Assessments in real-time, for instant, dynamic answers to what-if scenarios.
  • Dramatically reduces the time required to ensure application readiness for any server environment.
  • Consumption-based pricing. Pay only for what you use.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment
    reports delivered within hours for every single application in your portfolio.

Readiness Helps You Climb the Server Mountain of Complexity

Getting your application portoflio working and keeping it working is far more difficult, yet more important in a server environment than with desktops. The higher you climb, the more compatibility issues arise.


Introduction to Readiness

Learn the fundamentals of what Readiness is all about and what it can do for you, in about 2 minutes.