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How Readiness Helps


  • Ageing laptops, creaking IT, backlogs due to COVID-19
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Migrating to Windows
  • Reducing/eliminating application downtime
  • What about the next update?
  • Hardware refreshes
  • New security baselines

Solution: Readiness

Modern desktops and application portfolios demand automation for:

  • Scale: number of applications, number of clients
  • Quality: validated, tested, certified
  • Consistency: across platforms and distribution technologies
  • Rapid update cadence requires frequent fixing, testing, converting and publishing

Change. Be ready for it.

The number and nature of changes required to maintain a secure, modern environment continues to change. 

This pace of change is constantly accelerating.

Automated Application Updates and Ongoing Management

Cloud-Based Desktop Support

Cloud-based desktop support reduces client infrastructure requirements and allows for rapid project start-ups while reducing the requirement for local infrastructure.

Reduces Costs
Accelerates Projects

Automated Packaging and Self-Service Optionality

A proprietary combination of algorithmic and runtime application analysis delivers a full spectrum of installation, runtime and uninstallation assessment results. These results allow large organizations to avoid logistical and security risks while delivering a fully compliant, fully documented audit trail.

Reduces Risk

Whitepaper: Strategies in Modern Application Management

Download a concise yet detailed analysis of how Readiness provides cloud-based desktop support for keeping your applications continually secure. Readiness’ CEO Greg Lambert explains how the flexible web-based, distributed architecture and rule-based algorithmic assessment engine helps IT managers reduce costs and time spent, while dramatically reducing risk throughout your entire portfolio.