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Readiness automates the technical challenges in application testing, packaging and conversion to reduce risk.

Accelerate projects and reduce ongoing management costs.

How can we help?

The Readiness assessment report delivered a rapid Windows 11 assessment to our client that allowed us massively reduce the risk of moving to Windows 11.

Dragos Stratulat, SCC

What is Readiness?

Readiness helps you understand the risk of every patch. It provides continual risk assessment of the changes to your application portfolio.

It helps you keep up with the always accelerating pace of change.

How Does it Work?

Readiness Automates Application Discovery

Getting application discovery right, the first time is the most important part of application packaging.

  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • Automated dependency and pre-requisite analysis
  • Automated recording (PDF or video)
  • Output can be used for application packaging
  • Shareable online platforms allow for distributed Discovery

Web-based access eliminates installation requirement gathering headaches

Readiness Automates Installation Capture (Snapshot) and Tuning

The tuning process requires skill, patience and custom tools. Readiness automates this process.

  • No additional software required—all capture tools are included
  • Change and modification processes are automated (Transforms)
  • Tunable exclusion lists are available for each client
  • Custom or generic packaging builds are available

Proprietary capture and “hybrid” runtime packaging reduces package error and clean-up

Readiness Automates Application Packaging

No software or licensing requirements. No hardware requirements.

  • Any format is supported—just has to run on Windows (both desktop and server)
  • Silent installs are repackaged to perfect MSI’s
  • Installation validation is automated
  • Command line and Transform creation is automated
  • Smoke testing is automated

Industrialize your packaging factory with massively parallel cloud-based packaging

Readiness Automates Application Conversion

Parallel processing allows for simultaneous multiple packaging processes.

  • Any inputs are supported (EXE, MSI’s, PowerShell scripts, CMD’s and batch files)
  • Automated dependency and requisite analysis
  • EXE to MSI to MSIX to App Attach (or the other way around, if you like)
  • Automated suitability assessment
  • Bulk processing, batch conversions are not just supported, are encouraged

Industrialize your packaging factory with massively parallel cloud-based packaging

Readiness Automates Application QA

Quality Assurance (QA) is time-consuming, technically challenging and usually requires the most experienced team members to deliver.

  • Tunable process and customizable forms
  • Automatic QA form completion
  • Install/Roll-back/Repair/Uninstall testing
  • Multiple and cross-build testing

Automate the most difficult part—reduce errors while automating your audit trail

Readiness Automates Application Testing

Testing applications takes time. Testing application installations takes skill and expertise.

  • Automated application compatibility assessment
  • Automated smoke testing
  • Supervised installation and testing
  • Entire application portfolio testing is encouraged for every update, change to the target platform
  • What if scenarios are easily created/customized through a web page

Ensure compliance and guarantee installation success for your clients

Readiness Automates Application Publishing

Collating all required documentation, binaries and publishing commands is tedious, technical work that needs to be accurate, 100% of the time.

  • Integration with SCCM and Intune
  • Publishing documentation is automatically generated
  • Automated MSIX digital signing
  • Integrated workflow tools

An often overlooked technical challenge now automated and validated

What is Readiness?

Readiness is the world’s first entirely cloud-based (Microsoft’s Azure platform), dynamic, on-demand system for automatic application assessment, remediation and conversion of an enterprise’s entire portfolio of applications. It facilitates security efforts by enabling the easy and fast migration of apps to current platforms.

For the first time ever, anyone in IT can quickly and easily prepare compliant applications ready for deployment with no hardware or software dependencies, no database, and no specialised skillset.

By eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, database servers, backup systems, and specialists, Readiness dramatically reduces the cost of packaging applications for security patching, feature updating and migration to Windows 10 (and between any Windows 10 branches).

Readiness provides application readiness assessments in real-time, for instant, dynamic answers to what-if scenarios. Since it requires no setup, a state of application readiness can be achieved in minutes, not months.

Reduce RISK
Accelerate PROJECTS

Readiness is cloud-based mission control for your entire app portfolio.

Reduce cost.

Reduce risk.

Deploy updates safer, faster.

  • Always ready for future Windows releases.
  • Migrate as fast as you want without worry.
  • Increase security and reduce risk.

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