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Ready to Launch

March 25, 2023
I wanted to take a little time this week to talk about some of the "unsung" automation features in the Readiness automation platform. One of…
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Patch Office and Windows Now to Resolve Two Zero-Days

March 17, 2023
Microsoft has resolved 80 new CVEs in addition to four previously released CVEs, bringing the number of security issues addressed in this month's Patch Tuesday…
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Microsoft DCOM Hardening: The Inside Story

March 16, 2023
Microsoft is making a big change today. To be more specific Microsoft is making a big change mandatory today. DCOM - the behaviour of a core…
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Testing Guidance for March 2023 Patch Tuesday

March 15, 2023
Each month, the team at Readiness analyses the latest Patch Tuesday updates from Microsoft and provides detailed, actionable testing guidance. This guidance is based on assessing…
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MSI Installer Errors – The End of an Error (a)

March 10, 2023
Going back to the early days of Windows Installer, packaging (or scripting as it was called then) was based on simple scripts. Sometimes Visual Basic…
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Readiness March Newsletter

March 8, 2023
A warm welcome to all who are joining us for this March edition of the Readiness newsletter. For those who would like to know about…
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Application Confidence – Automated Assessment with Readiness

February 27, 2023
This week Microsoft posted a good article on application compatibility. Which is apparently is still a thing. We have worked closely with Microsoft over the past…
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Readiness and VMWare: Technology Alliance Partner

February 24, 2023
One of the things that we sometimes forget when working with Microsoft Azure, is that VMWare is still a vital component of our client’s virtualisation…
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Liquidware: Application Compatibility Matrix

February 21, 2023
We are now working with Liquidware and in particular their application isolation technology call FlexApp. We have spent some time working the LiquidWare engineering team…
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Three zero-days require urgent attention for Windows, Exchange

February 18, 2023
This month's Patch Tuesday update addresses 76 vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Exchange, Office, and Microsoft development tools — including three zero-day flaws already in the wild.
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