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Why Readiness?

Readiness is "De-risking" Change for Our Partners


  • Application changes quicker than current provider (3 weeks)
  • Advance notice (up to 2 weeks) of potential Microsoft patch or update impacts
  • Tested, standards-compliant and guaranteed application packages
  • Dashboards of real-time analysis of testing and potential platform issues

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce the cost of changes to the application portfolio
  • Reduce the cost of changes to the desktop (updates and upgrades)
  • Reduce the cost of monitoring and maintaining the application portfolio
  • No hardware, infrastructure or software costs

Risk Reduction

  • Reduce the risk of changes to production environment
  • Reduce the risk of virus/malware in application installations
  • Reduce the risk of detrimental changes to desktop platforms

Ease of Access/Convenience

  • Browser-based, cloud-native solution
  • Securely accessible anywhere

Application Assurance Guaranteed

More services, faster delivery, quicker payout.
Sell software at higher margins.
  • Unblock future services: application portfolio management
  • Maintain state of readiness for:
  • Server migrations
  • Next desktop platform
  • Next virtualization technology
  • Cloud migrations
Request & Discovery

Ensuring that an application portfolio is up-to-date and well managed is the first step in ensuring both a secure and compliant environment. Managing the latest applications with the correct version of their dependencies is a critical component of this important effort.

Proprietary capture and “hybrid” runtime packaging reduces package errors and clean-up.

Snapshot & Tuning
Packaging & Conversion

A self-service option allows for a rapid response (sometimes by the client) to relatively simple packaging requirements. It reduces middle-man and allows for the platform to ensure the quality, consistency and security required for even simple application deployments.

Automating the time-consuming, highly specialized application quality assurance (QA) process is a major time-saving effort for any team. Adding the benefits of deep integration into the Readiness platform reduces the risk of missed issues or overlooked security issues.

Validation & QA
Testing & UAT

Older applications are a liability—for licensing reasons or for vulnerability exposures. Reducing the enterprise “surface area” for legacy packages is an essential component of any modern application portfolio management approach.

Some organizations do not have the time or resources for a full application packaging effort. Non-packaging efforts such as PowerShell Wrap and Test deployments offer rapid approach to application deployment where security is not paramount.


Whitepaper: Strategies in Modern Application Management

Download a concise yet detailed analysis of how Readiness provides cloud-based desktop support for keeping your applications continually secure. Readiness’ CEO Greg Lambert explains how the flexible web-based, distributed architecture and rule-based algorithmic assessment engine helps IT managers reduce costs and time spent, while dramatically reducing risk throughout your entire portfolio.