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Application Modernization through Packaging

Greg Lambert
January 26, 2023
2 minutes

The Readiness team has a sole focus on automating the application packaging process. We have all been involved in application packaging for more than two decades (not combined, that is individually). Watching the packaging industry stagnate for the past decade is the primary driver behind the conceptualization and then creation of the Readiness platform. Established practices have ossified into time-consuming, repetitive regimes.

Readiness addresses the following key challenges in modern application packaging:

  1. All target platforms are supported
  2. All application installation types are supported
  3. Repeatable processes are documented and automated
  4. Lessons learned are abstracted from the application and applied to the community

Since inception, Readiness has applied these principles to each stage of the packaging process including:

  • Discovery (cloud-based testing platform, with recorded testing)
  • Assessment (platform checks and customer specific packaging standards)
  • Packaging (hybrid approach combines “snap-shot” and installation-based querying)
  • Conversion (automated conversion to selected virtualization technologies)
  • Testing (multi-platform application smoke testing)
  • Quality Assurance (automation delivers consistent, high-quality results)
  • Deployment (automated scripting and deployment to Intune etc.)
assurance key benefits square

Yes, Readiness has automated the packaging process but more importantly a learning engine has been built. Meaning that every time an error is encountered the entire system is updated with new assessment rules, new fixes, and automatically updated documentation. Readiness has created and delivered into production for numerous, international clients a modern packaging service. A service that has been designed and architected to continuously improve, matching, and exceeding the rapid pace of change in the modern desktop environment.

Many application package requests are straight forward updates that require little manual intervention. The Readiness team has found that with these minor changes, there is usually a customer requirement for a rapid response or requirement for self-service delivery. As a cloud-native, browser-based platform application packaging and deployment platform, Readiness delivers secure, compliant, fully tested, and documented application packages in a fraction of the time required for most manual packaging requests. With an automated best practice, compliance, testing and deployment platform self-service options are possible for a large portion of application portfolios.

Readiness recognizes that not all applications are good candidates for automated packaging or self-service scenarios. To address these issues, the Readiness platform offers an easy way to; install, tune, or configure an application. Then if required then “hand-over” the process to a more skilled operator for fine-tuning or problem solving. The application specific work is performed by the application owner while the technical requirements are fulfilled by a packaging specialist. This approach saves time and efficiently allocates resources – when they are need, as they are needed.

Greg Lambert

CEO, Product Evangelist
Greg Lambert is the CEO and product evangelist for Application Readiness Inc. Greg is a co-founder of ChangeBASE and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.

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