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App-V Application virtualization Virtualization

Virtualizing your software ‘estate’ – with App-V help from Readiness

Application Virtualization is a component of server and desktop operating systems (OS). It enables the user to separate or isolate the application that is running on the OS. It also represents a centralised delivery system for all of the virtualized apps by utilising streaming technology and optimising the delivery speed.

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Windows 10 migration with Application Readiness Windows 10

The Windows 10 Migration Effort

A few years ago, I founded a company called ChangeBase that developed a software product that helped assess and remediate compatibility challenges when migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7. ChangeBase was originally founded and developed to handle application packaging issues but when our team discovered the potential impact of moving applications from Windows XP to a more secure (by design) operating system – we knew that we could help.

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