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Readiness and Automated Quality Assurance (QA)

Greg Lambert
January 31, 2023
2 minutes

Packaging applications is a series of deeply technical, time-consuming stages requiring expertise and skill. The hardest part of the process is delivering consistent, repeatable testing. Readiness has been designed from the ground up to offer comprehensive testing (and reporting) at each stage of the packaging process. From initial requirements gathering (Discovery), to packaging, user acceptance testing (UAT) and then deployment: the same detailed test should be performed, compared, and contrasted against a baseline. Readiness offers this “cross-check” (X-check) functionally with an innovative industry leading approach to test each application at each stage of the process and then ensure that each result matches expectations.

All done automatically, against multiple customer platforms, virtualization technologies, deployment technologies.

Covering the full spectrum of application deployment: installations, updates, self-repair, and uninstallation.

At its heart Readiness is a reporting engine with a dedication to the application management process. Some of the foundational principles of Readiness include:

  • Capture (everything)
  • Query (for the target platform)
  • Filter (report as required)
  • Fix (automatically, according to best practices and customer requirements)
  • Document (each stage, all actions – automatically)

Working through each stage of the packaging process (request to deployment) Readiness offers a full audit trail and history of every action performed on the application. All assessments, from compatibility, suitability and quality checks to continual security and virus checks deliver automated documentation and reporting.

One the key deliverables, and most time-consuming elements of the packaging process is the final Quality Assurance (QA) document. Working with our partners over the past several years, Readiness has fully incorporated most QA documentation requirements into the built-in reporting engine and as a result has automated the QA process. When it comes to documentation, the challenge is not always technical, but procedural and logistical.

The Readiness automated QA functionality is the industry leading solution with the following innovative and unmatched features:

  • automated install, self-repair and uninstall testing
  • pre-recorded testing available through the entire packaging process
  • fully documented best practice assessments
  • multi-build, multi-role/profile testing

With these features in mind, we recognize that we are just getting started. Application testing will be a key focus for the Readiness development team with the following already in development:

  • “Delta” or change driven automated testing
  • Automated patch and update analysis (what is different, and what will require testing)
  • Security baseline testing

Watch this space, as we continue our path to both delivering increasing functionality, higher quality outputs at scale through trusted, supervised automation.

Greg Lambert

CEO, Product Evangelist
Greg Lambert is the CEO and product evangelist for Application Readiness Inc. Greg is a co-founder of ChangeBASE and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.

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