We are in: Microsoft ISV for Success Program

We are delighted to be selected for the preview of the Microsoft ISV Success program.
The ISV Success program from Microsoft is a natural follow-on from the Microsoft for Startups program, from which Readiness has recently graduated.
On a personal note, the Microsoft for Startups program offered more than just technical support – we were able to join a growing, thriving community of tech enthusiasts who has taken on real problems to solve. We met some great people and built some wonderful relationships.
The Microsoft for ISV Success program is focused on developing products for the Microsoft stack, particularly Azure. Given, that Readiness and Microsoft have perfectly aligned strategic goals of:
  • Reducing the risk and cost of desktop upgrades and migrations
  • Facilitating the move to Microsoft Azure cloud and virtual desktops
  • Allowing organizations to plan, prepare and move past when managing patches, updates and upgrades


Readiness appears to be a natural fit for both the ISV for Success program and the Azure marketplace.
The ISV for Success program includes the following key benefits:

Get expert guidance with 1:1 consultations

Meet with Microsoft experts for app and marketplace consultations to help you get to market faster.

App architecture design

Kick off your project with a 1:1 technical engineering session to plan your application design.

Publishing consult

Get step-by-step technical guidance on how to publish your app to the commercial marketplace.

App architecture review

Finalize your project with a technical engineering review session to ensure your application is optimized for the Microsoft Cloud.
In addition to this substantial technical support, Microsoft is also offering Azure credits, Visual studio licenses and help with your Windows 365 subscription.
Microsoft has helpfully published an e-book on how to maximize your efforts on the Azure marketplace.


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