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Readiness Joins Forces with XenTegra to Elevate Digital Workspaces 

Greg Lambert
February 9, 2024
3 minutes

Huntersville, N.C., February 9, 2023 – We are thrilled to announce a landmark partnership between Readiness Inc. and XenTegra. This collaboration marks a significant stride in application management and migration services, promising to empower businesses in their digital transformation journey. 

Enhancing Digital Workspaces: The XenTegra Difference 

XenTegra stands out as an internationally celebrated IT solutions advisor and reseller, laser-focused on revolutionizing digital workspace technologies and cloud computing. Driven by a mission to help customers craft secure, user-centric workspaces accessible from any device, anywhere, XenTegra is at the forefront of the digital evolution. 

Pioneers of the VAR 2.0 concept, XenTegra transcends the traditional role of a Value-Added Reseller. They are committed to offering advanced technological solutions; their true calling is to forge real value through community building, educational initiatives, and unparalleled expertise. XenTegra is dedicated to empowering clients by providing access to cornerstone industry conferences, nurturing a community of learning and mutual growth. As a testament to their commitment, they stand as a beacon of progress, striving to make digital transformation a seamless reality for their clients. 

The spectrum of XenTegra’s services includes but is not limited to: 

  • Consulting and Support Services: Tailored expertise to navigate complex IT landscapes. 
  • Managed and Hosted IT Services: Delivering scalable and robust solutions to fortify IT infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency. 
  • IT Service Management: Implementing industry-leading practices to fine-tune IT operations. 
  • Digital Workspace Technologies: Empowering customers with knowledge on platforms like Citrix, Microsoft, Azure, and IGEL. 
  • ServiceNow Integration: Leveraging Stratusphere™ UX Data to refine application management and IT service optimization. 

XenTegra is more than a vendor; they are a visionary ally, committed to fostering an ecosystem of innovation and learning. 

About Readiness Inc.: Redefining Application Readiness 

Readiness Inc. is the avant-garde of web-based automation systems for application assessment and conversion, advocating a cloud-centric, adaptable, and economical approach to application readiness. As a vital instrument for businesses to keep pace with the dynamic IT landscape, Readiness Inc. has become synonymous with efficiency and adaptability. 

The company’s approach condenses the time-consuming aspects of application deployment from months to mere minutes, enhancing enterprise agility. Offering more than mere compatibility checks, Readiness Inc. ensures that applications are not only installable and functional but also conform to business standards. The utilization of a web-based system means eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, easing the burden on IT management teams. Their consumption-based model introduces flexibility, making sophisticated services accessible to a broader audience. 

By minimizing reliance on traditional hardware and lessening infrastructural demands, Readiness Inc. enables significant cost savings related to application deployment. This efficiency is especially beneficial for small and medium enterprises, allowing for the reallocation of resources to critical business functions. 

For an in-depth look at Readiness Inc.’s innovative platform and to discover how it can transform your business’s application deployment strategy, please visit

Greg Lambert

CEO, Product Evangelist
Greg Lambert is the CEO and product evangelist for Application Readiness Inc. Greg is a co-founder of ChangeBASE and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.

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